This page will provide the most appropriate option depending on whom is calling. All of the listed options are what’s in your best interest, and intended to make your life easier, and maybe save you money.

Domestic Callers

If you are calling from within the US or Canada, simply call the toll-free number posted on the home page of this site. With how Canada and US telcos work, the toll-free number will be treated as a local call. Likewise, if you wish to send SMS messages, then using the toll-free number will also work. Likewise, you can also send MMS messages, although I would recommend a better service for sending MMS messages.

International Callers

If you are calling internationally, check the home page of this site to see which international numbers I will have available. If any of these numbers are a reasonable rate for you, then you should call that telephone number. Keep in mind that international numbers have a cost to them. This means I won’t get an international number for the maybe I might get a phone call. If I know and communicate with someone in a particular country, I will consider providing a domestic number. None of my international numbers are outgoing. They are incoming only – so you may want to arrange a time that is good for both of us if you wish to call.

Another option will be to use a VOIP solution. Since I have an iPhone, you can call me with FaceTime (audio) to reach me if you have an iOS or MacOS device. You would need to reach out to me for my Apple ID. If you have my WhatsApp number, you can also use WhatsApp even if you have an Android device. If you have an iOS or MacOS device, but no number associated, then your Apple ID will be the caller ID.

Returning Calls

When returning calls, I will display my toll-free telephone number. This will include calling directly from the app with US and Canadian callers, and a SIP account for international caller. In either case, my toll-free telephone number will show. If I call internationally, the call will likely be short, and we should look into other means of keeping in touch. If you are an international caller, and I can get a domestic number for you, I will consider doing that. This will allow you to reach out to me. If I was to call you, I would research on which service will be the cheapest.

An option if you would wish for me to call you regularly will be to get a US telephone number. If you have a smart phone, you can get a Callcentric account, and get a $1/month US phone number. At which point, I could call you more regularly. For more information on making this work, write to sip@frankpilone.name. You will need a credit card, and an Internet data connection.