I have multiple telephone numbers and one SIP address. While this may seem like overkill, each number serves a role, and a purpose. I do have telephone numbers that will expire when their payment date will come up. These numbers are not listed here. Instead, I will focus on the telephone numbers I intend on keeping. The following numbers are provided to me, and again – each serving a role and purpose.

  • Callcentric (1570, 8594, 8597)
  • Line2 (7610)
  • Mint (9751)
  • Number Barn (2956)
  • SIP Address:¬†


Any international numbers will be added with Callcentric. This is because it is the only company I deal with that offers international numbers. All such numbers will be listed on my Contact Directory, and the home page of this website. As with all of my other numbers, only the last 4 digits will be used to reference the number (in case my policy changes).

Any international call or SIP call not answered within 20 seconds will be forwarded to my 2956 number which will automatically go to voicemail. This will allow me to have one number to check for all all of my international, and voicemail numbers.


This is my public telephone number. This is the number that sits in my Contact Directory, and the home page of this site. This telephone number supports SMS/MMS, incoming faxes, and voice calls all on the same telephone number. In addition, I use a VOIP app to display this telephone number when I am calling an unknown telephone number.


My 9751 telephone number is my private number. I don’t give it out to everyone, and will typically use my Line2 number when need be. However, if you have my 9751 number, you will be able to send me more than SMS messages as I also have Signal, Telegram, and WhatsApp.

Number Barn

This is a direct to voicemail telephone number. I have this mostly for my registrar services, and to reduce the number of illegitimate offers to build my website. Since this is a direct to voicemail number, none of my phones will ring. However, any voicemail left will be sent to my email address where I could listen to them on the message. This number does not support SMS. For that, consider using my 7610 number.