Calls are defined into two types. There are incoming calls which are calls that you make to me. Next, there are outgoing calls which are calls I make to another person. I have US telephone numbers which are on my .tel and this site’s home page. If I have any international telephone numbers, they will be noted as well. I can also accept WhatsApp calls, but these calls will consume your data services, and will need to know my number if not listed on the home page of this site and Contact Directory. If you have a limited data service on your cellular line, you should consider using your home internet connection. No matter what, I will not accept video calls. Calls include, but not limited to the following:

  • Voice calls on one of my PSTN numbers (uses minutes)
  • FaceTime (Audio), or WhatsApp calls (uses data)

Incoming Calls

I only have a couple of telephone numbers someone can reach me on. If you know my cellular number, and you are in my contacts – then you will be able to call that number. In order to reach me on my cellular phone number, you must be in my Contacts Manager. To be in my contacts, I must know your first and last name, have one contact point, and we are in contact somewhat regularly. If you call my cellular phone, and you are not in my contacts manager, then you will go to voicemail. If we are not on good terms with each other, I will remove you from my contacts.

Anonymous callers calling any International telephone number will go to voicemail. This is done automatically at the provider level. If you are calling an international number, consider unblocking your phone number. If you are calling within Canada or the US, then you would want to call my toll-free telephone number to reach me. This is the only number I give out on a regular basis. If you call, and I don’t answer – leave a message. If you are calling my international number, leave an alternate way to reach you. If you do not leave a message, I might not call you back.

If you call to put me on hold, degrade me, or yell at me, I will terminate the call. It is a shame that I have to mention this, but common courtesy is not in some people’s minds. I can keep the call civil, and will respect your time. I expect the same behavior from you.

If the phone calling is not in my contacts, or it is a business call, I will answer “Frank Pilone Speaking“. This is intended to be direct and to the point. If the person is calling for me, they can continue with the conversation without having to ask if they are speaking to me. If it is a wrong call, they could simply apologize, and terminate the call. If the caller is in my contacts, then I would likely answer “Yes Person Calling“. This is again to be direct and to the point without wasting anyone’s time. If I am not able to answer the phone, then you would go to voicemail. You will hear “You’ve reached Frank Pilone. Leave a Message“. Again, simple and direct to the point. You should leave a message and wait for me to call you back. Calling multiple times in a short period of time will not get me to answer the call quicker. If you feel that I need to know something immediately, send me an SMS, and I will return your call when I can.

Outgoing Calls

When making a call, I will proceed with the following options:

  • Contacts: (9751)
  • Many other calls: (7610)

When I call, I will be courteous, and respectful. I will not put you on hold, and you would not have to worry about me telling you to wait while I address a completely different issue. If I expect to be on the call with you for an extended period of time, I will pair my earphones, and plug them into my ear(s). This will allow me to be on the phone with you for as long as need be. I will likely call you from the telephone number you know.  Therefore, if you have my VOIP line, I will call you on my VOIP line. This is so you know who’s calling, and will allow you to make the best decision in wether to answer the telephone or not.

I will typically make all calls between 6AM and 9PM (local time). Obviously, some times are more appropriate than other times, but this is the time frame. I will not call you while I am out unless it is important. This is because people around me gets to hear half of the conversation, and I’m a private person preferring strangers to not be involved with my conversation even if they only hearing half of the conversation. If it is not time sensitive, I will wait until I get home to call. I might send an SMS giving you an approximate time of when I will call so you can know for sure. This is again, a courtesy that I try to do with people as a whole.

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