There are two things that are important with a person. The first is their name. And the second is a contact point. A name is as the word implies – a name (preferably first and last name). The second is a contact point. This could be a telephone number, or an email address which seems to be the most common contact points available. I would use this information to build a Contact Profile for that person. A contact profile is the individual contact information within Google Contacts, your Computer’s Contact Manager, or your phone’s contact manager.

As for people, there are three groups. Contacts, Acquaintances, and Other. I will go into more detail on each group, but listing these groups as people is important since I need to organize and keep my contact directory clean of undesired content.

Building My Contact Profile

To get all of the information you would need to build my contact profile, you just have to go to my Contact Directory. You can add one point, or every point – it is up to you. Keep in mind, that out of my standard contact directory, only my toll-free number is an outgoing telephone number. With that being said, you may wish to call my international number(s) if they are best for you to call.


Contacts are people that I know their full name, and a contact point. If I just know the email address, I will still add that to my Google Contacts, so you do¬†not have to give me your telephone number to be added. Obviously, if I don’t have your telephone number, you won’t get any calls from me, but that would be expected.


If I don’t have your full name, but only one or two contact points – you are not likely to be added to my Contacts Manager. The reason why is I don’t want 3 Johns and have to figure out which John I am trying to get a hold of. By me not knowing your full name, you are guaranteed to not be in my Contacts, and therefore – a reduced priority on reaching out to you, and keeping in contact with you. Simply put, you know my full name, it is only fair I know yours.

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