Why No Video Calls?

There are a few reasons of why no video calls. I will go into those reasons in this FAQ, but do not feel that you are special, and I will suddenly do a video call with you because you are you. I don’t see any reason why a video call will be better than an audio call. If you insist on a video call, then I will insist on declining your call. I will list and detail the reasons as to why further in this page, and don’t be offended if I decline your video call.

The first reason as to why not video calls is my looks. Simply put, I don’t like how I look, and yes – I am sure you would tell me it is a self-esteem issue, but it does not change the fact that I do not like how I look. I am on the bigger side which shows in my face. I am also missing teeth in the front of the mouth, and when I was given dentures, they didn’t fit, and actually damaged one of my existing teeth. Since insurance will only cover one set for my lifetime, if I was to get new dentures, it will have to come out of my own pocket.

The second reason is I am using a video call on my desktop, then the person speaking to me will blast out of my PC’s speakers. I am a private person, and don’t want the neighbor to be able to hear my conversation. With that in mind, I won’t take a video call.

The third reason is demand on resources. If I am taking the call on my cellular phone, running the camera and demanding more data on my phone’s connection to the Internet demands resources on the phone – more so than an audio call. I pride myself in only charging every two days, and want to continue that tradition. This is because the fewer demands on charges to my phone, the longer the battery will last on my phone. If the phone’s battery last longer, then I don’t have to replace the phone until later in the lifecycle. The lineup of smartphones I would want will be around $1,000USD which is a lot for someone on my income level. To be exact, the phone is more than what I would get in a month’s income.

So there you have it. You now know why I will not take a video call. If you have read this page, don’t ask to have a video call, and if I decline, don’t be offended.