Why No Skype?

Skype is a very popular platform, however I could never get it to work properly with me. At first, I assumed it was the age of my computer, but even with having an M1 iMac, I have still had problems with Skype. It would say I have new chats, yet selecting all of the chats in my history will reveal nothing. It just becomes an embarrassment, and questions the competency of basic computer skills to the other person. With this in mind, I have decided to remove Skype from my computer, and just no longer associate with it.

If you wish for some functionality of Skype, you can send SMS/MMS messages to my toll-free number. I could also provide you an iMessage address if you have an iOS device, or a Mac Computer. If you want something with more functionality, you can reach out to me for my WhatsApp number.