Why No Pager?

A pager is a niche service. It is needed for people that needs to be reached 24/7, but for most people it is a want. In case you are too young to ever have dealt with a pager, here is the idea. A pager is a small device with an LED character screen on it. There are usually 4-5 buttons that control the functions and features such as marking a page for deletion. Someone will call your pager number. You would be prompted to enter a telephone number then press #. Once you enter the number, and press #, the system will disconnect the call, and send the number across the network. All pagers receive the message, but they will ignore the page, and never even signal. The one that was meant for you will be received by your pager, and beep. Pagers do not have GPS, or phone capabilities. You could get voicemail, but this is typically extra. When you get a voicemail, your pager will beep with your pager number.

So what are the costs? Well, first – I have to decide do I need to be called upon 24/7? If the answer is yes, then why? If the why is not good enough, then I don’t need to be called upon 24/7. In my case, the answer is no. Now, my cellular line with 4GB of data is $180/year. This rounds to about $15.00/month. I don’t pay monthly. To get a free pager, I will need to choose the annual plan, or better. The annual plan for a pager with no special services (such as voicemail) is $160/year. This averages to about $13.00/month. Obviously, since this number will not have voicemail, I will only receive pages. This is not alphanumeric, but instead – just numeric service. Alphanumeric will cost more, and provide an email address to send the alphanumeric message.

In 2022, I don’t see a need of why I will need to be reached 24/7. If I needed to expect a phone call late at night, I will simply keep my DND switch to ring, and let it be at that. Since my toll-free number is a public number, and a local call for anyone in the US or Canada – I don’t need other options. A cellular phone will work just as well, and to replace the alphanumeric messaging, one can simply send an SMS message.