Why No Landline

Landlines are a niche service. Here is the thing. My cellular phone service costs $205/year. I can use this service when I am home, or when I’m out and about. I can use up to 4GB of data each month. If I surpass that monthly allotment, I will simply be throttled until my billing month starts over again. At $205/year, this averages to $17.08/month.

On a landline, I will likely have to pay $20 – $30/month for service. As you can see – ┬ábased on price alone, the cellular service is cheaper, and I can use it when I’m not home. With this in mind, I do not see the benefit of a landline, and yes – I have tried a landline, and it doesn’t work out for me. So with that said, I would not see my having a landline anytime soon.