Why No Google Voice?

Google Voice was my primary phone provider since 2005. However, in mid-February of 2022, they broke their system. Unknown callers would ring the default phone no matter what I did. I also could not remove a phone number from Google Voice. It is these incompetencies that forced me to move my number. On April 6, I started the process to port my number from Google Voice to Callcentric. The process was completed on April 12. They still offer the service for free, but if the system is broke – then it doesn’t matter on the price.

My number is hosted with Number Barn, and I have their forwarding plan. People call the number, and go straight to voicemail. They can choose to leave a message or not. However, repeated calls to the voicemail number will not magically allow you to reach me. You would need to call my toll-free number to reach out to me.