Why Don’t You Recognize Me?

There are a couple of reasons why I may not recognize you. Both of these reasons are valid and makes sense when you know them. The first reason is you are using a new contact source (new telephone number, or new email address). I would recommend that you use the contact source I already know to inform me of the new contact source. In which case, I will add the new contact source into your contact profile. If you tell me that you are dropping the old contact source, I will then delete the old for the new. Otherwise, I will keep both contact sources. Keep in mind the more contact points I have of you, the more likely I will recognize you.

The second reason is you’re not in my contacts at all. I carry a policy to move people that I hadn’t heard from in 3 months (or more) to a note. I then remove them from my contacts as they are just taking up space. If they contact me again before another 3 months, then I will add them. However, if I go into this futile game of adding and removing them from the contacts, then I will reply that is why they aren’t in my contacts because we don’t communicate with each other, or if we do – it is very infrequent at best (which is the case). It is a shame that people feel they are so superior that you must have them in your contacts or they take a personal offense to the fact that you cleaned up your contacts.