Why an International Number?

The main reason is expandability. If I can provide people on a international level a means of reaching me easily, and hopefully – cost effective, then I accomplished what I would want. For me, it will be more expensive to call someone in said country than it would be to just have a telephone number to allow such person to reach me. With that in mind, if the telephone number is less than $10/month – I will just keep the number, and make it available even if no one calls the telephone number.

The numbers chosen are for two reasons. One, location in the international stage, and two – the country speaks English. There is little reason to get a Mexican telephone number if I don’t speak Spanish. There will have to be significant reason for me to get a Mexican telephone number with that notation in regards.

All international telephone numbers will be listed in my Contact Directory as well as the home page of this site. With that being said, there are some rules regarding the telephone numbers. Since I use Callcentric for all of my international numbers, they have a means in which you can have some control over how a call reaches me. This will be disclosed as below, and will apply to all international numbers.

If you are blocking your number from showing on caller ID, you will go to voicemail. If I am on the call with someone else, you will go to voicemail. If my phone can not connect to the service provider, you will go to voicemail. If none of those conditions apply, then you will ring my SIP client (on my phone) for 20 seconds, then you will forward to voicemail. When forwarding to voicemail, you will be directed to my Number Barn number which will collect your voicemail, and email me when a voicemail is left. The idea of sending calls to my voicemail number is for simplicity on my part. Please note it might take a while to return your call if I can not call international numbers right away.

If you would like to get a US telephone number to allow people in the US to call you, but not sure how to do it – then write to sip@frankpilone.name. You will need a credit or debit card, and an internet connection to handle the incoming call. Also, using the SIP client to call the US will likely be a very reasonable rate depending on the outgoing call plan selected.