Why a Voicemail Number?

I had this number since 2005. It has been with me, and is likely a telephone number someone that is infrequent in reaching out to me has. I do not want a second telephone line with a second cellular service line, but I still wanted to keep this telephone number. The best option for me was a voicemail only number. For this, I chosen a company called Number Barn. Calls to my 2956 telephone number goes straight to voicemail where they could choose to leave a message or not. If you don’t leave a message – I amĀ not going to return your call. Also, if you leave a message, and I return your call, it will likely be from my toll-free telephone number.

Now with that in mind, I wanted to put this number to some use. So, this number is listed as my number for WHOIS information. If someone does a WHOIS database search with one of my domains, they will see my 2956 telephone number as the telephone number to contact. Again, they can choose to leave a message or not.