Why a Toll-Free Number?

There are a few reasons why a toll-free telephone number benefits me, but this page will go into how it will benefit you the caller. The rationale is simple, as most people want to know how will this affect me. The rest of this page will go into detail of that.

  • Benefits Me
  • Local Telephone Number
  • Single Unified Telephone Number

Benefits Me

Let’s face it. If a telephone number does not benefit me, then I am not going to spend almost $200/year in keeping the telephone number. However, as mentioned already – someone reading this page will want to know how it benefits them, so the benefits to me are simple, and that is it will unblock Anonymous callers. Because this is the only telephone number I will accept unknown callers from, this number has to serve a role.

Local Telephone Number

No matter where in Canada or the US, this telephone number is a local call. In addition, if you are using a landline, then this number will likely be toll-free to you. With that in mind, calling this number will be like calling any other telephone number in your area code. This only applies to Canada and the US though. For calling, the following regions can call toll-free telephone numbers as a local number.

  • Canada
  • Puerto Rico
  • United States
  • US – Virgin Islands

Single Unified Telephone Number

This telephone number first and foremost functions as a telephone number. You call it, and it will ring. It’s pretty simple. In addition to telephone calls, this telephone number will support incoming faxes. This means you can send a fax if that is something that turns you on. In addition to telephone calls, and faxes, it can also support SMS/MMS. In addition to all of this, this telephone number can also handle voicemail so you could reach me even if I couldn’t take your telephone call.