What’s a Contact Profile?

A contact profile is an entry within a contact manager. This could be the Contacts App on your phone, or a contacts manager such as Google Contacts, or your webmail address book. Since most of us don’t remember every single phone number or email address of every single contact they have, a contact manager is important. With that said, you would want more than just a name in a contact profile. Therefore, in addition to a name, you would also want at least one contact point.

Getting My Contact Profile

It is very easy to get my contact profile. All you have to do is go to the home page of this website. If you are using a computer to view the page, you can use your phone’s camera app to scan the QR code, and it will offer to add my contact profile into your contacts. This will include my name, telephone number, fax, email address, web site, and postal address. All you would have to do is add the contact information, and you would have my contact profile in your contact manager.

You can also select the My VCF Card on the bottom of all of my web pages. This link will allow you to view, and save my contact profile without having to type any bit of information. This will reduce or eliminate mistakes in adding contact information.

Giving Contact Information

If you have a website, I would recommend that you have a contact profile page. This should include your public contact information along with an accurate QR code to allow your visitor to easily add your contact information. Personally, this website focuses on my Contact Profile, but there is a dedicated page that has all of the details.

For most people, having an address like https://you.tld/contact-profile/ will be sufficient. As mentioned, you should offer a QR code to make it easy to add your information. Having a QR code with your contact information unfortunately will likely not fit on a contact card, but you could always use your web address (if short enough) to add to your contact card. In my case, I have a dedicated redirect that is short (best for manual entry). This address is simply http://fsp.contact/. This might be something to consider. You can have the .contact address redirect to any page on the internet you wish. Therefore, if you have a long and complicated URL, the .contact address will be a benefit to acquire.