Postal Mail

I have two addresses. The first address is a PO Box. I chosen a PO Box as I have to have a physical address for WHOIS database lookups. If you were to go to, and enter – you will be provided with my contact record. You will see my mailing address which is made available to 8 Billion people in the world. Since I do not want 8 Billion people to know where I live, the PO Box is used primarily for that purpose. The second address is a shipping address which is typically used for shipping companies, and getting packages mailed to me.

My PO Box is intended for personal letters, cards, or small packages. The only ones that can deliver to a PO Box is the United States Postal Service (aka: USPS). The PO Box is in walking distance, and is the preferred address for this reason. With the PO Box, I can wait until they open up, walk 10 minutes to the Post Office, and check my mail with my PO Box key. This is so convenient for me, I typically check my mail once a week rather than waiting until I am expecting something.

My shipping address is typically provided to companies that would ship a package to me. Since this is a physical street address, the shipping address can accept packages from Amazon, DHL, FedEx, and UPS as well as the USPS. This address is rather expensive, but considering I had issues with receiving packages at my residence – all of my packages are shipped to this address. The issue with this address is I will have to take a bus and do some walking, and waiting for a bus. This causes strain on my ankles, and therefore – I only go there when I know I have something there waiting for me. If I am expecting more than one package, I will likely wait until all packages arrive before making the trip there. If we know each other well enough, and I deem that it will make sense for you to have my shipping address – I will give it to you.

If I was to write back to you, my return address is always my PO Box. Even if you were to send me mail to my shipping address, my mail to you will show the PO Box. In addition, all of my mail will be typed to make it easier for you the recipient to read it. This is because my handwriting is terrible at best.

If you have a computer, and internet service, you might be better in writing to me via email. This is quicker (arriving in seconds), cheaper (no postage), and more convenient (sends off when you decide). If you wish to send money, you can send it to my Zelle Address (, and if you wish to mail me a package – you may want to contact me for the best option.