Postal Mail

My postal mail address is a PO Box. The reason for this is that I do not want people to know where I live. My address is provided for my registrar information, and is provided on my .TEL address, and the home page of this site. Since I have a PO Box, I don’t have to give out the residential address. No one sends me packages, and I rarely get mail to begin with, so this is the best solution.

I check my mail every week, or more often if I am expecting something. Since it is a short walk from where I live, I can check the mailbox relatively often without dedicating bus fare and a lot of time to get there.

When I check my mail, I will come home, and sort through my mail. Anything worth keeping, I will scan the pages into the computer (which is backed up nightly). After that, all mail goes through the shredder which is then placed in a recycling bag. This may seem like I don’t have any value to the mail I receive, but keep in mind that I scan my mail before shredding. This is actually a level of privacy. If I need to reply to anyone, I will type the letter, and print it out. After that, I will print the envelope which will always have my PO Box as the return address. This is again for privacy.

If you are just doing regular correspondence, you might be best to just use email. It is cheaper, quicker, and more efficient. Yes, it lacks the personal touch of an hand-written letter, but I will never handwrite my mail.