Getting Contact Info

If someone came up to me, and asked for my phone number, I will likely just hand them my Contact Card. This card will be sufficient and give the person all of the information they will need. The card is simple and direct to the point. The front of the card has my name and .TEL address. The back of the card has a QR code that provides my .TEL address. This means, the person doesn’t even have to type my address in, they will be able to scan the code, and go to the site.

This is done because I treat my .TEL address as an Internet Contact Card. However, since it is a viewable webpage (no matter the device), one could use all of the information in the .TEL address to build a contact profile for me. All of my public information is on the .TEL address, and with that being said, I don’t need to change cards every time I change information. And with changes happening immediately, I would always have up to date information. With a contact card that has information printed or configured on the card, it would mean I will have to replace the card every time I changed contact information if I chose the more conventional way.

So with that being said, my .tel address worked as expected. The process is as follows:

  • Person asks for telephone number.
  • Person receives contact card with .tel address.
  • Person visits .tel address and gets public phone number.
  • Person can choose to call or not call.
  • Person also gets more information than what card could provide.

In addition, all of my outgoing email has my contact directory in the signature of the email. This assures that any and all email correspondence will be able to visit my contact directory, and therefore get my contact information.