Contacting You

I seek to provide as much options as I can without going too overboard. For my contact directory, you would see what is available, and the home page of this site provides a little more in the way of reaching out to me. On my contact profile, you would find my US telephone number as well as international telephone numbers. You would also find my email address, primary website, a link to all of my sites, and my mailing address. This is enough information for you to build a contact profile of me.

If you wish to reach out to me, consider providing your full name, and one contact point so I can add you into my contact manager. The reason is simple, you know my full name isĀ Frank S. Pilone, and multiple options for contact. I think it will only be fair if you do the same with me. Knowing your full name will by no means allow me to stalk you in any detail. Also, since I live in Allegheny County Pennsylvania, I am likely to never go beyond that.


I have a toll-free (CA/US) telephone number, and at least 1 international number. If you live in the US or Canada, you would want to call the toll-free number as it is either free, or a local call (depending on your carrier). If you make your calls anonymous, your telephone number will be unmasked when calling my toll-free number. This happens automatically, and this is what I would want which is why I only provide my toll-free number for incoming calls. I do not offer my cellular phone number to 7.5 Billion people.

If you are calling internationally, then any international telephone number you call will ring a SIP client on my smartphone. It is up to you to define which number to call for the best rates. If I know you well enough, and the number is reasonable, I will attempt to acquire a local to you number. If I do, it will be publicized along with me providing you the number.


For SMS, or MMS – use my toll-free number. This should work no matter where you are. All SMS/MMS messages will go to my VOIP app, and I will be able to respond to them. This will be normal especially if I don’t know you. If you know my 9751 telephone number, you can send SMS/MMS and iMessages to me.


If you prefer to write more than just one or two sentences, and wish to address my reply on your time, then email is the best option. For email, you can visit the home page of this site, or my .tel to get my address. I had the same email address for more than a decade, so it is not likely to go anywhere. When writing me, I will respond in kind. If you write a short email, then I am going to assume you don’t have the time to address me, and therefore will likely respond in kind. If we get to less than one sentence, I will just ignore the email.