I have a number of email addresses. There are two personal addresses, although only one is used with personal correspondences. I also have several auto-replies. Both sets carries a role, and is designed to make life simpler for myself, and the people I correspond with.

The first two addresses as mentioned are tended to by me. The first, and most used address is The format of this address is designed to help you identify whom you are talking to. This is basically my first-name @ last-name . name. This address has a digital certificate which proves that when I send mail, it is actually me. Anyone sending email claiming to be me, but doesn’t have this certificate to sign digitally to my address is likely to not be me. The second address is used exclusively for iMessage or FaceTime (audio) communications. Any mail sent to this address will forward to my personal address.

I also have an address for commercial purposes. This will include my WHOIS information. This is the address that is used when I shouldn’t use my owned email addresses. Writing to this address will only get replies from my address unless it is through an appropriate company.

The other addresses are auto-replies. The auto-replies are intended to provide information without me having to provide the information in a personal email. As for the auto-replies, you would only get one from a particular address once a day. This is my hosting company’s policy – not mine. So if you wrote to, at 2AM, and wrote to the address again at 1:30AM, the next day – you will not get an auto-reply again as it has been less than 24 hours. Again, this policy is not one I would have, but still – it is a policy with the company. Below are my addresses.

Again, the .name address is the only one that is replied from. All of the .info addresses are auto-replies. If you do not want any of my auto-replies, and someone is using your email address to have auto-replies sent – you can block all addresses. Check with your email client or service provider for help in setting this up.

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